About heliPlanner

heliPlanner is made in the attempt to make your (and my) aviation-life easier.

The basic idea is to gather info from all the different sources we check before every flight and present them all on this page.

Also, we want to decode METAR and TAF and give coloured timelines of forecasted weather to give us all a quick situational awareness for the area of our operation. This is to be able to catch mistakes that might be done but also to give us a quick overview of the next 24 hours. Let's say you come to work and see all green lines. That should mean the weather is above waving minima on all locations. Expect fast planning and a nice snack in the canteen.

This page will initially indicate colour-codes according to companys waving approvals and minimas. I am planning on bringing additional features for customization, some stated below.

If you have a good idea on what should be added or other ways to do it, please send me an email!

Explanation of timeline

Color codes

GREY bars contain no relevant weather, which are defined as clouds/visibility/vertical visibility.

GREEN bars contain weather at or above waiving/ARA requirements. (See below)

YELLOW bars contain weather below waiving/ARA requirements. (See below)

RED bars contain weather below weather minima.

This is for now based on a ceiling of 200' and/or available minimum visibility (see "airport-data" in menu) according to expected runway in use, calculated from wind direction (METAR) within 90° relative to runway direction. Ceiling for non-precision appr and individual waiving-values for each airport will soon be added.

All times in timeline are Zulu-time

Waiving/ARA requirements:

Standard weather minima used in timeline: (for all rigs and also airports not registered in airport-data)

Night/Day calculation

From two hours before sunset til two hours before sunrise, the color codes will display weather according to night limitations.

Why two hours? We meet at work one hour before flight. The shortest flights offshore are usually never less than one hour. That should give the relevant weather limitations for the expected landing time.

Refresh times

Other relevant information

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